A dream come true…finally in Italy

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So like I said before, I started this blog a few days ago… Two weeks into my travels. So I thought I would back track and catch yall up to speed with where I am currently. I have found it really hard to update frequently because I barely have enough time in the day already. Having four and a half hours of class Monday-Thursday for a month has proved to be much more intense than I imagined. Although I must say, my classes have been really interesting lately.

Italy is has been so great so far. It is incredible to think that people actually wake up every morning and live here. It is truly another world and I am falling in love with every aspect of the country. It is absolutely beautiful and everything that you would imagine. Every apartment place has its own balcony and the flowers… they are EVERYWHERE. Flower boxes adorn the buildings and the relaxed lifestyle of the Italians resonate throughout the city. We are living in Verona, Italy. For those of you who don’t know, Verona is a town that many tourists visit only for a day and then tend to go back to other cities to spend the night. This turned out to be such a blessing because it is more local and annoying tourists (yes, we are now beyond simply “tourists” in Verona) aren’t standing on every corner.

So far, we have mostly just explored around and enjoyed the locality of the area…getting used to the “siesta” from about 1-5 every afternooon when most stores are closed and to be spent with families eating (nice right?). The hussle and bussle of the American lifestyle is nowhere to be found, and I have to say it is refreshing. Stress seems to be vacant from the lives of the Italians and we are getting used to an hour dinner being “fast food.” While I am on the subject of food, I have to say that it is simply amazing. The pizza here is like nothing I have ever tasted, it’s a lot more rich in flavor but light. Everyone gets their own pizzes and finishes it without feeling bloated. Wine of course is included in many meals and often times in Europe is way cheaper than water. Another amazing treat is gelato. Yepp, it is something that I need to use self-control on to not eat every single day. There are so many flavors and is NOTHING like American gelato.. but hey, everything tastes better and more authentic here.

Best Gelato in town
Best Gelato in town



I am traveling to Cinque Terre this weekend with a group of friends. It is five cities that are close to eachother on the Mediterranean coast. I will have updates on that as soon as I get back.. as well as my trip to Venice and my true experience of European travel from last weekend.





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