Social Media…it’s here to stay

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Everywhere I go, I can’t help but hear someone say that social media and marketing is subpar to everything else in business and it’s just a fad that will soon pass. I wonder where these perceptions of marketing come from. Marketing is not a new concept, it’s been around from the very beginning. The very essence of marketing is communication and relationships…all of which existed at the beginning of time starting with Adam and Eve. 

People yearn  to be connected and know what’s going on in order to be “in the loop.” The Pony Express came about as a medium to meet the needs of consumers. “The ten-day delivery time of the Pony Express was a revolution in its day bringing political and social news to a hungry readership” ( It was the social media of its time and it spread like wildfire, only increasing people’s insatiable thirst for networking and communication. 

Social Media and communications have improved and developed exponentially since the time of the Pony Express. We are in the age of instantaneous communication and a need for quick gratification. This is the core purpose of us as human beings, to communicate and to have relationships with the people around us. What is marketing and social media? The avenues and actions we take to satisfy these basic human needs. Marketing is ever changing with the society we live in and it molds to the audience it’s targeting. Unless we all become solitary beings with no desire to know anything, social media is staying. The mediums and channels may change, but it’s here to stay. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. 


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